One of Thailand's most special festivals is "Loy Krathong" where millions of people celebrate by releasing flower arrangements with candles into the water. In the far North of the country, however, they release special rice paper balloons called "Kom Fai" into the sky. These beautiful glowing lanterns are approximately 70cm in diameter and almost a meter high. They are powered by kerosene soaked stem of a banana tree that is fastened by wire like a basket in a hot air balloon. The heat rises into the rice paper lantern and lifts it high into the night sky. It glows with a beautiful orange light. Sometimes, thousands of these are released together, and the image of them all rising and disappearing towards the stars is truly breath-taking.


Kom Fai (sky lanterns) -- US$ 3 each
minimum order 10 pieces
Shipping to anywhere in the world.