Name: Bang Phra Airport - VTBT
Coordinates: 13*14'N x 100*57.5'E
Frequency: 122.3
Runway Heading: 05/23
Length: 924 meters (15 m wide)
Surface: tarmac (max takeoff weight 5,700kg)
Slope: 1.25 degrees downslope when taking off Runway 23.
Elevation: 90'
Obstructions: mountain on Northeast end // High-tension wires on Southwest end
Runway 05 VASI: visual approach slope indicator (4.5 degree approach angle) located on right hand side of Runway 05.  One red and One white marker. Line up the markers to follow 4.5 degree approach slope and remain clear of High-tension wires and telephone wires. VIEW DIAGRAM OF RUNWAY 05 VASI
Location: 40nm Southeast of Bangkok // North of U-Tapao and Pattaya
Activities: IAOPA representative, Flying Club (40 planes + 300 members), Flying Instruction, Validate Foreign Licenses, Aircraft Maintenance, Clubhouse with restaurant (open weekends), 2 guestrooms TURN & SLIP INN

NEW RESTAURANT -- Gae and Gop have opened a new restaurant at TFC. They welcome you to visit on the weekends, and if you want to organize a function during the week which requires their culinary expertise, then you are welcome to call them and speak Thai with them -- 0810498904. (Dec 2008)

Contact Information: 038 777348 //
Operation Hours: 9am - 5:30pm (closed holidays)
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Airport Map: Chonburi Area Map, Airstrip Photograph, Road Map and Approach Chart below: