Name: Chiang Sen Airport - does not exist yet -- just a proposal to encourage aviation development
Coordinates: 20*18.6' N x 100*05.5' E
Runway Heading: 36/18
Length: 1000 meters
Surface: currently it is just corn fields. Someone has to lease the fields and level the ground with a grater. It would be a great grass field and not expensive to set up nor to maintain. The main cost would be to negotiate with the 5 farmers who are currently farming there.
Slope: none
Elevation: ??'
Obstructions: Wires next to Thai Kitchen / other end is the Mekong River - no obstruction
Location: On the edge of the Mekong River just West of Chiang Sen
Activities: Could be a great airstrip for SGA to fly into Ananatara and Four Seasons Tented Camp
Contact Information:
Other Information: This is an old airstrip from the Vietnam War era on the banks of the Mekong River just West of the town of Chiang Sen.
Map of Airstrip:

The Airstrip would begin at Thai Kitchen - 20*18.6' N x 100*05.5' E

The Southern End - Looking down Runway 36

The Middle of the Airstrip showing the Mekong in the background

The Northern End - 20*19.1' N x 100*05.5' E

Radar and Control Tower from Vietnam War when Air America operated near here.