Name: Klang Dong Airport
Coordinates: N 14*38.4' x E 101*18.7'
Frequency: 122.4
Runway Heading: 08/26
Length: 740 meters
Surface: grass growing over tarmac
Slope: none
Elevation: 1,326 feet
Obstructions: wire fence on approach to runway 26 // bamboo trees on approach to runway 08 // sometimes cows on the runway // caution: runway being overgrown by grass.
Location: Just north of Khao Yai National Park Mountains (Northeast of Bangkok). The airstrip is just on the north side of a small mountain, between the mountain and the road.
Activities: This is a beautiful little airstrip with a club house and several small aircraft. It is the home of the "Forego Aviation Club" owned by Khun Prasert Prungkananont. Activities include: Flight Instruction, Sight-Seeing Flights, Hotel (650 Baht per night), and Horse Riding (nearby at Kamol Farm or at Bonanza 30 km from airstrip on the border of Khao Yai). Khun Prasert also makes CAMPERS for attaching to your pick up truck for mobile camping. He is also making a campground on the mountain slope by his airport for people to camp by their car.
Contact Information: Email Khun Prasert to ask if you can fly in for a visit or if you want to hire aircraft with an instructor. He has a guestroom with beds and a bathroom in the clubhouse for fly-in visitors to stay for the night (650 Baht). Tel: 044+361849 Mobile: 01+8782503
Caution: there are bamboo trees on approach to Runway 08. This is a fairly short airstrip. There is a concrete wall on the threshold of Runway 26. 
Other links: LEK AVIATION -- The best general aviation mechanic in all of Southeast Asia and especially in Thailand is located in Klang Dong. MECHANIC IN KLANG DONG Email Khun Lek // mobile 0818521847.
Parking: Khun Prasert has the most affordable aircraft parking in all of Thailand 3,000 Baht per month. Email Khun Prasert
Post address: Forego Aviation Club, 298/4 Vill. 1 Klangdong, Pak-Chong, Nakornrajsima 30320 Thailand. Tel: 044+361849. Mobile: 081+2122613.
Fuel: 100LL available
Map of Airstrip: below

Khun Prasert is one of the General Aviation pioneers in Thailand. He is a keen aviator who has flown all over the Northeast of Thailand. He is the founder of Forego Aviation Club, and he has several Cessnas and Kitfox airplanes available for instruction. 100LL avgas is available on the field. Khun Prasert welcomes fellow General Aviation enthusiasts to visit Klang Dong airfield. He has a clubhouse, flight school and some sleeping rooms at the airfield. Fly-in guests are welcome. There is also plenty of space for pitching your tent under the wing of your plane for a "flying camping trip." If you are driving to Klang Dong by road, the airfield is located at Road Kilometer Marker 155 (actually 154.7). It is approximately 48 kilometers after Saraburi Bridge. Email Khun Prasert // Email Lek (mechanic) // Tel: 044+361849. Mobile: 01+2122613.

This is a view of the runway looking to the West (landing on runway 26). This is a view of the runway looking to the East (landing on runway 08) (note: obstacles and trees on short final).

There is a Kitfox taildragger at the airfield for those pilots who would like to learn how to fly this classic type of aircraft. The Kitfox is available for hire with safety pilot for instruction in tailwheel aircraft.

Road Map to Klang Dong

Klang Dong is just north of the mountains of Khao Yai National Park.

Forego Aviation Club, 298/4 Vill. 1 Klangdong, Pak-Chong, Nakornrajsima 30320 Thailand. Tel: 044+361849. Mobile: 01+2122613.