Name: Mae Sariang Airport - VTCS
Coordinates: 18*11.3' N x 097*55.7' E
Frequency: 122.3 (unconfirmed) // Fantasy Control: 127.0
Runway Heading: 01/19
Length: 1,000 meters
Surface: grass / gravel
Slope: none
Elevation: 750 feet.
Obstructions: clear
Location: Airstrip East of the river.
Activities: This is the airstrip where the filmed the film "Air America" with Mel Gibson.
Contact Information: Airstrip Caretaker - Khun Jakrin mobile: 0811626965 (son of now retired: Khun Ali Jisawan mobile: 0898541761 who has motorcycle and can clear goats off the airstrip). / Khun Lah has house near the airstrip: 053 682632 / DOA contact mobile: 0853682242.
Hotel: River House Resort tel:053683066 (1,300 Baht per night / manager is Khun Phojanee). This hotel is 1.5km from the airstrip and it is located right on the Salavin River (there is a National Park on the other side of the River). // slightly cheaper sister hotel is Riverhouse Hotel (next door) tel: 053621201. // Khun Pong (Ali's son) has a car 0859649323.
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Map of Airstrip: see below photo taken looking South (photo taken Aug 2003)

Airport in 2007 (paved)

Airport in 2003