Name: Pai Airport - VTCI
Coordinates: 19*22.2' N x 098*26' E (corrected coordinates)
Frequency: 122.7 in use by Kant Air // 123.0 (old frequency) // Fantasy Control 127.0 (new frenquency -- Oct'08)
Runway Heading: 19/01
Length: 800 meters
Surface: grass
Slope: 1* downslope to the North
Elevation: 1550' (measured by Tom from aircraft altimeter on the ground)
Obstructions: 20' trees on either end of airstrip (Nov 2003)
Location: North end of the Pai valley
Activities: Beautiful grass airstrip. 
Contact Information: DOA contact in Pai - Khun Tahwin. Mobile: 081-765-1912 (new number/guy on the ground in Pai) // Supervising Authority: Royal Thai Airforce. **LATEST INFORMATION courtesy of Captain Tony Smallwood in Lampoon (date: 20 Nov 2004): If you want to fly to Pai you must ask DOA for permit for individual a/c. Ask for 3 months otherwise you will be given a permit for just one flight. As the airfield is PPO you must also telephone Khun Tawin before arrival 053 699209 or 071851737. Khun Tawin is "airport manager"!, speaks only Thai, but he will give you r/w status and ensure people/animals are cleared off the strip before your arrival.
Other links: This airstrip opened 06 Feb 2003, "New Airport" established in Bangkok FIR. Details on AIRAC AIP SUPPLEMENT "B1/03 - 06 February 2003." Note: TFC Mooney landed Pai on 28 Nov 2003 in 500 meters on Runway 18. Took off in 500 meters on Runway 36. 
Hotel: Belle Villa (nice resort next to airport / appx 2,500B) tel:053-698226. // Rim Pai Cottages (nice bungaloes in town on the river / appx 1,200B.) tel: 053699133 // The Quarter (new modern resort in town near hospital / appx 3,000B) tel:053-699423 // Baan Pai Village (nice bungaloes on river 500-800B) tel: 053698152 // The Good Life // Baan Krating (3000B) // Boolan Buri (2700B) // Make sure you visit BEEBOP Disco after 10pm to hear live music and see Pai come to life. // During winter season there is Fog in Pai until 10am ("Talay Mok").
Map of Airstrip: Landing Rwy 19 (looking to the South). Thank you Khun Premchai Sripatr for the new photo of Pai.

New paved Airport 2007


PAI - Runway 19 (looking to the South in 2003) // New photo Aug 2006 (K. Premchai)

New photo by Khun Thos from his Robin 2160 -- Feb 2011