1. David Tuck - 02 2570300 x313. Mobile: 01 4402131. Email: David has his own balloon, a Cameron Viva 90 (G-SIAM), that he uses for private pleasure flying only. The high ambient temperatures in Thailand restrict hot air balloon flying to the early morning and late afternoon. The best time of year to fly balloons is the ‘cooler’ period between early November and early February. Flight clearances from the DOA take about two weeks to process and are usually issued for a 5NM radius from point of origin with a maximum altitude of 500’ AGL. Each clearance requires a photograph of the take off site and the owner’s written permission. David is also happy to help foreign balloonists looking for information about private ballooning in Thailand.

2. Oriental Balloon Flights - A commercial joint venture between Thai and Dutch partners offering passenger rides in large balloons between October and February. Cost 8,500 Baht. Address: Oriental Balloon Flights, Floraville Housing Estate, 9 Moo 4, Talad Kwan, Km 9, Chiangmai - Doi Saket Highway 50220
Tel 053 398609 Fax 053 398610

3. MasterAd - A dedicated outdoor advertising company that owns and operates a T&C AS 120 hot air airship, the only one of its kind in Thailand (and probably in Southeast Asia), and a T&C 90 hot air balloon. Address: Masterad, 24/10 Landy-Master Building Soi Ladprao 19, Ladprao Rd.,Ladyao, Chatuchak,Bangkok 10900,Thailand. Email: Webpage:
Tel :(662)938-3388, Fax :(662)938-3488