*** Attention: all pilots and visiting pilots ***


  1. STRICTLY AVOID flight near the King’s Palace R3 Restricted area at Hua Hin. Contact Hua Hin Approach when flying near Hua Hin. (Please review the AIP in the pilot room for further information).
  2. IMPORTANT: Do not fly over the Sattahip P7 Prohibited area, The Sri Racha Oil Refinery (up to 1,500’), Maptaput Oil Refinery (up to 2,000’), Chonburi Military Base.  (Please review the AIP in the pilot room and “Local Flight Areas Map” for further information).
  3. File a flight plan ONE HOUR before departure for flights outside the local area. (Bangkok Flightplan Office – 02 5351879).
  4. When flying OUTSIDE Bang Phra local area, follow Bang Phra ATC instructions for next ATC contact. (Expect: North and East – Bangkok Approach 119.1 // West – Bangkok Approach 121.7 // South – Utapao Approach 119.7). Return to Bang Phra if unable to make contact.
  5. Before flight, check NOTAMS and WEATHER enroute and at destination via the relevant authorities in Bangkok.
  6. The pilot in command must hold a valid Thai pilot license or Thai validation for foreign pilot license.
  7. Club members are responsible for their passengers. All passengers must sign the club’s non-indemnity form before each flight.
  8. Children under age 12 are not allowed in aircraft unless they are members’ children and accompanied by their parent.
  9. Solo flight must be approved by the Chief Instructor (Flight Director), and he may request a checkout at any time he deems appropriate. This applies to the Club’s aircraft as well as private aircraft.
  10. Flight operation at Bang Phra is permitted only from sunrise to sunset under VMC (visual meteorological conditions).
  11. Local flights must be conducted within the prescribed areas as indicated on the “Local Flight Areas Map” posted in the club.
  12. No passengers are allowed for touch-and-go practice.
  13. The established traffic patterns must be followed unless otherwise permitted by Air Traffic Control.
  14. Life Jackets must be worn by all persons on board for flights outside gliding range from the shoreline.
  15. No low flying allowed above congested areas nor less than 600 feet above highest terrain or obstruction.
  16. Before entering Utapao Airspace, pilots must contact Utapao Approach (119.7) or Utapao Tower (118.3) for clearance and must remain on these frequencies until leaving Utapao Airspace. Before entering Bangkok Control Zone, contact Bangkok Approach (119.1).


  1. The pilot-in-command must read the Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP) and must abide by it and all NOTAMS.
  2. Flight permits are required for flights to or from all MILITARY AIRFIELDS.
  3. A flightplan is required for every flight. It must be filed by phone or fax with Bangkok Flightplan office (02 5351879) at least ONE HOUR before departure. A copy of the flightplan must be submitted to the Chief Instructor (Flight Director) on weekends or to the Chief Mechanic (on weekdays).
  4. For flight within Bangkok Approach Control Zone, contact Bangkok Approach on 119.1 before entering 50 NM from Bangkok Airport.
  5. If you lost communications enroute, you can try to make contact via:
    - Bangkok Control: North and West – 128.1 // East – 133.1 // South – 120.5
    - Oscar Control (Military Radar) – 127.0
    - Emergency – 121.5 (call “PAN PAN PAN” or “MAYDAY”)
  6. Safety must be the pilot’s first consideration. Before every flight, he or she must carefully consider all factors to ensure that the flight can be carried out safely. These considerations include:
    - The Route does not infringe on any Restricted or Prohibited areas.
    - Weather conditions enroute and at destination.
    - Alternate airports available.
    - Fuel required and fuel reserve available.
    - Weight and Balance within limits.

SAFETY FIRST – If you don’t know something, find out before you fly. It is the pilot’s responsibility to follow the regulations and conduct the flight safely.

Thank you,

Members and Visiting Pilots
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