If you want to build your own airstrip in Thailand, the following is a rough guideline to get you started. Ultralight and General Aviation flying clubs are growing rapidly in Thailand, so if you have built your own airstrip and have further information to add to this list from your experiences, please share them with us, so we can add them below. Email TFC.

1. Application Letter to Director General of DOA stating the purpose to open an airport.
2. Your Passport or I.D. card
3. The title deed to the piece of land, or Land rental agreement, or Permission letter from the landlord that allows the applicant to use his land.
4. Size of land: it is different for different kinds of airplane. 
(For example: appx. 250 m.(L) x 20 to 40 m.(W) for ultra light. For fixed-wing aircraft a longer area and a compaction test are required)
5. Fee: THB 1,500
6. Contact person: K.Surasit - DOA. Tel: 02 2862918 // K.Thiradech - Tel: 02 2873191 // Fax: 02 2861013.
7. Questions: You can call Khun Songrat and ask procedure to open airport. You can also call Khun Suksawat (aircraft inspector) for communication assistance - Tel: 01 4839736 // Email: (however, this is not his department. He is just a very nice person in the aviation safety division who can give you advice in English on who to contact).

DOA application for opening a new airfield in Thailand (in Thai)