If you need to refill your aircraft fire-extinguisher with Halon or purchase a new Halon aircraft fire-extinguisher, then you can contact Khun Suroj in Bangkok. The cost to refill a 2 Pound extinguisher is approximately 500 Baht (price may change).
Tel: 02 2210351
Mobile: 09 2353550
Email Khun Suroj (via Khun Add at TFC)

(We do not know if these alternate chemicals have been approved by the FAA)

April 2003 - I noticed on your site you mentioned refill of Halon fire extinguishers for the aircraft. You should know that Halon has been BANNED in most countries as it damages the atmosphere and is also dangerous if breathed in close proximity, like an aircraft cabin. You should use an agent such as we sell called Cleanguard or Inergen. I have attached a brochure for your information, and if your members would like more information and pricing, we would be happy to provide it to you.

As a note, Tyco, which owns Ansul, is the world's largest supplier of fire and security products and owns more than 1000 companies involved in such products. We own most of the major brands which your members would be interested in. Some are Scott Air Packs, Ansul, Simplex, Grinnell, ADT, Sensormatic, etc. Please visit our web site to see more information on what we can offer at www.tycofireandsecurity.com 

I hope this information helps your member have better safety if facing a fire on their aircraft. Thank you and best regards.

Wallace Gowin
General Manager, Security
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