Send to Fax: 66+22873139 or 66+22866239. Tel: 66+22868158 or 66+22861503.

For foreign small aircraft to fly in Thailand, the pilot must apply 15 days in advance (requirement of Joints Operation Center Supreme Command Headquarters). If you file IFR, then only 48 hours prior. Please supply the following information by fax. During flights within Thailand, the pilot must strictly comply with rules and regulations as prescribed in AIP Thailand (and you can only land at the airports you have requested). Any change of details in flight schedule before or during operations in Thailand must obtain permission from this office. AFTN: VTBAYAYD. Email: Director, Air Transport Regulatory Bureau, DCA




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* Experimental Aircraft: please provide copies of Pilot License, Certificate of Registration, Certificate of Airworthiness, and Aircraft Insurance. ** Landing on private airstrips (like Bang Phra VTBT), by Thai Law, you must have prior permission by the owner/operator. Apparently, it is no longer required by the DCA for you to have a written invitation as long as you have prior permission from the owner -- Invitation letter for Bang Phra