General Aviation in Nepal

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Natasha Shrestha and Aviaclub Nepal in conjunction with the Department of Civil Aviation of Nepal have made wonderful progress with General Aviation in Nepal. It is now possible for private aircraft to make cross-country flights in Nepal. Before, this was not possible, and no one had any explanation why. Aviaclub Nepal is based in Pokhara. A few years ago, Aviaclub Nepal organized a cross county on their two aircraft from Pokhara to Bharatpur and Migauli. Distance was more a 100 km. It was 1.30 min flight in one-way with two landing. They made break before return to Pokhara in Jungle resort and enjoy the elephant riding. It was fantastic, very interesting and they got very warm reception in every place. Now they have put the information with photo in their web side. Natasha has worked endlessly to allow Nepal to allow the foreign pilots to fly on territory of Nepal. After this event she discussed with civil aviation. They are fully supporting for organization a International Cross Country Safari on Ultralight. Now Aviaclub Nepal has made an itinerary for these flights.  

Himalayan Cross Country Safari Itinerary:

1 day- Arrival of participants to Kathmandu

2 day- Arrival of participants / Familiarization

3 day - Drive to Pokhara

4 day - Assembling of aircraft 

5 day - Preparation, Test Flights

6 day - Opening ceremony

7 day - Mountain flight

8 day - Mountain flight 

9 day - Flight day from Pokhara to Bharatpur and Mighauli

10 day - Program in National park with Elephant safari

11 day - Flight day to Pokhara

12 day - Sightseeing, Cultural Program Dinner

13 day - back to Kathmandu

14 day - Departure 

The optimal dates for this program are in the end of April and May (weather is good) or in September to October.

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