"The Wings of Friendship"

"Miss Siam" is an OX-5 Travel Air 2000, and was the first private aircraft in Thailand. In 1932, Mr. Luen Pongsobhon flew this aircraft solo from Thailand to China. "Miss Siam" is a symbol of the spirit of General Aviation in Thailand today.  "Miss Siam" hopes to fly again and make an historic "Friendship Flight" through Laos, Vietnam and into China in celebration of Mr. Luen's pioneering flight. We will let you know when this flight is planned.

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"Miss Siam" is a reproduction of the original two-seat bi-plane with the original engine. Her fuselage is metal tubing and the wings are wood covered with canvas. Her 90 horsepower Curtiss engine is capable of 175 km/hr cruise speed. The Foundation for the Preservation and Development of Thai Aircraft - Under Royal Patronage of HM the King gave new life to "Miss Siam" to honor Mr. Luen as the first private pilot in Thailand and to celebrate the development of Thai aviation. During WWI, Mr. Luen left the Royal Thai Academy when he received a scholarship from King Rama IIV to study aviation science at Saint Louis College in USA. After graduating, he returned home with the plane he later named "Miss Siam." Aside from his fame as a pilot, Mr. Luen was also an inventor. His inventions include the three-wheeled bicycle, which once filled the streets of Bangkok, and the long-tail boat. He also made one of the first 16mm films in Thailand. 
Group Captain Veerayuth Didyasarin (pictured center) with some staff from Aerothai in front of "Miss Siam" at the Tango Squadron museum in Bangkok. Aviation was introduced to Thailand in 1911 by Belgian pilot Charles van den Born.

Tango Squadron Wing 41 maintains the museum located at the Chiang Mai Airport. Sight seeing rides aboard one of the museum's Piper J-3 Cubs or Cessna O-1 Bird Dogs are available. For those wishing to visit the museum, advanced notification is required since the museum is located in the part of the airport used by the Royal Thai Air Force. A group of four or more is also a requirement. Sightseeing rides are available to single individuals. Prior reservations are required. While there is no charge to visit the museum, donations are accepted and will be used by Tango Squadron Wing 41 to maintain and improve the exhibits. To make arrangements to visit the museum or to take a sightseeing flight, contact Squadron Leader Weerachat Palee. Phone 081 028 4663.

picMissSiamRoute.jpg (106907 bytes)   Click to view the intended route of Miss Siam

picMissSiam.jpg (80922 bytes)  Click to view Miss Siam over the mountains in Northern Thailand (photo: Tom Claytor)

View Thai Movie "First Flight" (about the early days of aviation in the Kingdom of Siam)


For more information on Miss Siam's historic 70th year anniversary flight from Thailand to China in November 2002, please contact the following:

Email Group Captain Veerayuth Didyasarin

Tango Squadron (Bangkok)

Email Khun Nawaporn Tel: 0818383036


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