"OSHDOK 2005"

6-7 August 2005 -- Thank you to everyone who came to Oshdok 2005 and helped to make it a great success. Dokkrai is now certified for HS registered aircraft to land. We had visitors, ultralights, experimental aircraft and paramotors from Eastern, Pattaya Airpark, Bang Phra, Chonburi, Dokkrai, Klang and Ban Beung and Sri Racha. The aircraft competed in Water Bombing with balloons and spot-landing competitions. The paramotors competed in Water Bombing, Engine off spot landing, and soccer penalty kick competitions.

One of the highlights of the event was "Ray-Bombing" (a moving target). Mom Term came from Klang.

Chonburi Flying Club sent many aircraft to Oshdok. Khun Jirawat won the "Ray-Bombing."

George demonstrated Soccer "Penalty Kicks" and Schmiermaxe brought in more oil.

Khun Niwat (Sport Flying Association) helped get the airport re-certified for HS aircraft.

John and Linda did a wonderful job getting everything ready and making everyone feel welcome.

Dr. Bamrung was Chaiman of Oshdok, and he came to welcome everyone to his airstrip.

Captain Bear & Special Representatives from Air America were on hand to help with the judging.

The Paramotor team put on a fantastic performance enjoyed by everyone (even kept Rolf on his toes!).

Sonny and Uthai flew in from Pattaya Airpark. Andy and Tom demonstrated exceptional skill in the Trikes.

The CEO of Tak Air and the future senator of Tak flew in to enjoy the aviation activities.

Khun Jirawat planning his "Ray-bombing." Thai Aviation Historian Steve Darke flew out from UK to visit Oshdok!

You have heard of "OSHTAK"... Well, get ready for "OSHDOK 2005!"

Aircraft parking area at Dokkrai Airstrip in front of Lakeside Clubhouse - room for 20 aircraft!

The purpose of this fly-in is for pilots of ultralight and experimental aircraft all over Thailand to fly in and have fun. Dr. Bamrung is the Chairman of the fly-in allowing the use of his airstrip and inviting many VIPs to see the progress of general aviation. Khun John and Linda of Dokkrai Resort at Dokkrai Airstrip have invited the light aviation community to camp for free in front of their "Lakeside Clubhouse" parking the aircraft right next to the clubhouse and camping under the wing. Free swimming, Free showers, Free camping. Food and beer will be available in the clubhouse. This will be a fun event with aviation activities and aircraft displays. We will also have presentations on Aviation Safety to promote safe flying in Thailand. If the airport is registered for HS aircraft to land, then HS-registered experimental aircraft will be invited to join too.

Paramotors will fly in on Saturday morning before 8AM. Other aircraft will arrive after 9AM. Beware Paramotors on arrival. Frequency: 122.775. Bring your own Tie-down Ropes and stakes to secure your aircraft (sometimes strong winds in Dok Krai).  Activities at the field will start after lunch. Khun Eoody will hopefully advise us on the activities. Paramotors will fly in the evening. Cook out dinner in the clubhouse 200 Baht / head provided by John & Linda. Camping Free. Showers Free. Swimming Free. Flying on Sunday morning.
- "Miss Oshdok" presentation.
- "Best of Show" presentation.
- "Best Homebuilt" presentation.
- Dr. Bamrung will be Chairman of the fly-in and give a presentation on the early days of flying at Dokkrai.
- Helium balloon "trap shoot" competition: the pilot calls the release of the balloon, then tries to pop it with his propeller.
- Water bombing "spot drop" competition: the pilot makes three passes to bomb with accuracy (3 catagories: paramotor, trike, and ultralight).
- Khun Eoody will help planning Aerial competitions.
- Khun George will demonstrate "Paragliding Soccer Penalty Kicks" for the "Thailand Paragliding Soccer World Cup."
- Airplane rides, demonstrations, static displays.
- "LookTung Band & Karaoke" in the Lake Front Clubhouse.
- We hope Khun Niwat (Chaiman of Sport Flying Association) can come and welcome everyone and give a talk about the progress of Sport Aviation in Thailand.
- We hope CMT will organize a formation Fly Over which is their specialty and is the best in Thailand.
- We hope that Khun Supap will fly over in his new PC-12 (the First PC-12 in Thailand!)
- John and Linda will tell us about their plans for Dokkrai Fly-In Resort.
- CEO of "OSHTAK 2003" and "Tak Air" may stop by to pay respect the temple for Prajow Taksin (San Prajow Tak) located near the Clubhouse. Learn more about the history of King Taksin when you visit.
- If you want to come or have any questions, please email us.

Khun Nares
CEO "Oshtak"

Khun Niwat
Secretary of Sport Flying Association

John and Linda
Dokkrai Resort

Temple to King Taksin

Delicious Dokkrai Menu

Crystal Clear Pool

Dr. Bamrung - 019828381 - Owner of Dokkrai Airstrip and Chairman of Oshdok.
Khun John & Linda - 068387841 & 098321613 - Dokkrai Resort.
Khun George - 018659490 - Chief of BMG Paramotor Squadron.
Pol. Col. Amrung - 018299450 - Chief Pilot of Shadow.
Khun Niwat - Secretary of Sport Flying Association.
Khun Eoody - 099397378 - Chief of Sport Flying Thailand.
Kittipong - 014074799 - Head of Toyota Air Division.
Khun Eddy - Grass Cutter at Dokkrai.
Captain - 016140832 - Oh Captain, My Captain.
Khun Nit - 018408052 - Environmental Flying Association.
Khun Nares - CEO of "Oshtak."
Khun Win - 094449633 - Chief Pilot of Tak Air.
Mau Choladhis - Aerial Calvary Unit Chief.
Mom Term - Commander of Klang Airstrip.
Khun Uthai - 063741719 - Senior airport builder everywhere.
Khun Sunny - 018158002 - Zenair master.
Andy Flude - 018173611 - Red Baron of Rayong.
Khun Neil - 063741718 - Chief of everything at Pattaya Airpark.
Khun Rolf - 019218996 - Chief Pilot "Chang Noi."
Khun Andrea - Frankly-speaking coordinator
Khun Tong - Chief Pilot at Pattaya Airpark.
Khun Mike - ANN's Chief Pilot.
Khun Robert & Niang - Buriram Squadron.
Khun Wichai - President Thai Flying Club.
Khun Damri - R/C Aircraft Specialist.
Khun Tarn - Committee member.
Khun Charoen - Sky Commander.
Khun Norman & NangFah - Mooney Test Team.
Tom Grieve - 092496883 - New Manager of Isaac.
Steve Darke - Thai Aviation Historian
MacAlan Thompson - Airstrip slope consultant.
Khun Les - Short field operations consultant.
Khun Mee - Entusiast.
Khun Martin - Long Tien analyst.
Khun Ray - Founder of Life Pack Inc.
Andy Dent - Airborne XT912
Geoff Powers - Airborne classic
Chuck Steele - Ecolot
Ad Ketelaars - Ecolot Jr
Khun Yothin - CMT
CMT Navy Pilots
Amigo Fernando - Quicksilver 500GT

Young Aviation Enthusiasts

Khun Eoody and U-Thai Adventure up North

New Control Tower

Eddy cutting grass

Oshdok 2005

More information on Dokkrai Airstrip

See you there!