Nov 2008

Steve Darke


HS-ABH; Airbus A320-216; c/n 3679; R12-Nov-08 to Thai AirAsia Co. Ltd

HS-ARK; Cessna U-206G; c/n U20606550; ex N9574Z, HS-TOP; w/o 19-May-07; fuselage noted at Jandakot, Australia Nov-07; canx 06-Aug-08 (to Australia)

HS-AZZ; Cessna U-206G; c/n U20603991; ex N756CU, VH-CPZ, RDPL-34134; w/o 17-Jul-05; restored 10-Nov-08 to Digiview Advertising Group Co.Ltd

HS-BAO; Cessna 172R; c/n 17281494; ex N1748L, HS-CME; R26-Aug-08 to Bangkok Aviation Center

HS-BAP; Cessna 172S; c/n 172S10619; ex N1728W, HS-CMD; R26-Aug-08 to Bangkok Aviation Center

HS-BAQ; Diamond DA42MPP; c/n 42.250; ex (B-9172), OE-UDV, HS-CMC; R26-Aug-08 to Bangkok Aviation Center

HS-CMC to HS-BAQ 26-Aug-08

HS-CMD to HS-BAP 26-Aug-08

HS-CME to HS-BAO 26-Aug-08

HS-COB; Cessna R172K-XP; c/n R1722329; ex N8940V; Exported to Thailand 02-Oct-08; R08-Oct-08 to Pol Col. Amrung Chitpakdee

HS-DDH; Boeing 737-4H6; c/n 27191; ex 9M-MQL; canx 05-Nov-08 (to Indonesia)

HS-DFA; Diamond DA20-A1 Katana; c/n 10208; ex C-GDMY, N677DA; Exported to Thailand 01-Oct-07; noted Apr-08; R25-Aug-08 to Don Muang Flying Association

HS-DFB; Diamond DA20-A1 Katana; c/n 10302; ex C-GKAQ, N602DA; Exported to Thailand 23-Jan-08; noted Apr-08; R12-Sep-08 to Don Muang Flying Association

HS-EWF; BB34Z; c/n 566; R 27-Aug-08 to Earth Wind & Fire Co. Ltd what is this?

HS-FUN; SIAI SF-260D; c/n 767; ex N402FD; Exported to Thailand 12-Sep-08; r03-Nov-08 to Mrs. Praphai Michak

HS-IAY; Extra EA300/L; c/n 1286; ROct-08 to Nakhon Phanom University

HS-IOO(2); Cessna 510 Citation Mustang; c/n 5100100; ex N6202W; Handed over at Wichita 20-Aug-08; RAug-08 to Mr. Supap Puranitee; f/n at Don Muang (as N6202W) 11-Sep-08; R02-Oct-08 to Bangkok Aviation Center

HS-NDL; Mooney M20J; c/n 24-3277; ex N91286, HS-ASK; canx 31-Jul-08; to VH-KCQ

HS-ORB; Boeing 747-246F; c/n 22477; ex JA8151, N740SJ, JA8937; ferried to Filton 16-Oct-08; canx 29-Oct-08 (to UK)

HS-PCA(2); Cessna 182S; c/n 18280869; ex N394ME; Exported to Thailand 10-Jun-08; R25-Aug-08

HS-PGD(2); ATR-72-212A; c/n 833; due for Bangkok Airways 2008

HS-PGZ; Airbus A319-132; c/n 3694; R13-Nov-08 to Bangkok Airways

HS-RSJ; Cirrus SR20; c/n 1944; R31-Oct-08 to Royal Sky Co. Ltd

HS-SFF; Eurocopter EC120B; c/n 1522; ex F-OKEH; canx 17-Oct-08

HS-TNF; Airbus A340-642; c/n 953; ex F-WWCK; R29-Oct-08 to Thai Airways International Co Ltd

HS-TPQ; Diamond DA42; c/n 42.407; ex OE-UDH; R06-Sep-08 to Civil Aviation Training Center [Hua Hin]

HS-TPR; Diamond DA40D; c/n D4.361; ex OE-VPT; R06-Sep-08 to Civil Aviation Training Center [Hua Hin]

HS-TPT; Diamond DA40D; c/n D4.363; ex OE-VDQ; R06-Sep-08 to Civil Aviation Training Center [Hua Hin]

HS-TPU; Diamond DA40D; c/n D4.366; ex OE-VDS; R06-Sep-08 to Civil Aviation Training Center [Hua Hin]

HS-TPV; Diamond DA40D; c/n D4.373; R06-Sep-08 to Civil Aviation Training Center [Hua Hin] was reported as HS-TPS(2) before delivery

HS-UTC; Boeing 747-238B; c/n 21658; ex VH-EBP, N165UA; canx 15-Sep-08 (at Jakarta ??)

HS-UTD; Boeing 747-146; c/n 21029; ex JA8128; canx 15-Sep-08

HS-UTS; Boeing 747-346; c/n 24018; R31-Oct-08 to Orient Thai Airlines Co. Ltd