Procedure for Validating your Foreign Pilot License in Thailand

1. Join the Thai Flying Club (10,000 Baht)
2. Pay 2,000 Baht "License Validation Fee" (In June 2006, the cost was 1,000 Baht)
3. Give the Thai Flying Club:
- copy of Pilot's License
- copy of Valid Flight Medical (that accompanies your license)
- copy of first and last page of flight logbook
- copy of your Passport
(all of these copies of above documents must be signed "Certified as True Copy" with your Signature).
- 3 photographs (appx 1"x1")
- copy of completed and signed Foreign License Validation Form
Fax to: 66 38 777348
Post to: Thai Flying Club, Bang Phra Airport, Sri Racha, Chonburi 20210 Thailand.
4. The Thai Flying Club will write a letter to the DOA.
5. The process takes about 2 months the first time for background check.
6. You can also wire money to the Thai Flying Club.
As soon as you wire the money, please email the club to confirm that we have received the funds. We will need:
- Your Full Name
- Amount of money wired
- Date the money was wired

Thank you.

Email Thai Flying Club for questions


DOA license validation policy - No instruction required. You only have to present a valid license, log book, a letter from the flying club you will rent the plane from, and a valid medical, to the DOA and they will give you the endorsement. I believe they like to see 3 hours in the last 3 months. Email DOA Licensing (Saengchai)