Things Mark has learned while flying the Wilga

1. Airplanes need gas. Wilga needs more gas. 
2. Watch for wires - "wires!"
3. Kneeboards are not necessary.
4. Keep it simple - stopwatch, calculator, pen, map (GPS, weather radar, inertial guidance systems are for when you already know where you are).
5. Always have a backup plan (e.g., IFR flight).
6. Always think about what you would do right now if things went wrong.
7. Hammocks are for bananas.
8. Emergency procedures work (gas; grass; glide if you are low - glide; grass; gas if you are high).
9. The technical term for a 6 knot wind is "pussy wind."
10. Learn the plane by fiddling with it.
11. "Topped-off" means that there is more gasoline in the tank than there is room in the tank for the gasoline.
12. Anyone who starts learning bush flying at the age of 47 is certifiably eccentric.
13. GUMPIT (gas, undercarriage, mixture, prop, inside, time)
14. Don't think, fly (corrollary: think on the ground, fly in the plane).