Name: Umphang Airport - STOL airstrip
Coordinates: 16*01'N x 098*52'E
Frequency: 122.3 (unapproved - transmit blind) // Oscar Control 127.0 (monitor)
Runway Heading: 02/20
Length: 630 meters (55 meters wide)
Surface: loose gravel and dirt / Max takeoff weight not to exceed 5,000kg.
Slope: slight 1/2 degree slope up towards the mountain
Altitude: 1,600 feet
Obstructions: This is a STOL (short take-off and landing) airstrip which requires special techniques and experience to fly in and out of. There is a mountain on the East side of the runway. This is a "one way" airstrip. You land on runway 02 and take off on 20. Caution: many mountains and approximately 10 miles from the Burmese border to the Northwest. It is strongly suggested that you get a check out from a pilot experienced with this airstrip BEFORE you attempt to fly in there. At the very least, you should speak with an experienced pilot about this airstrip before you fly in there.
Location: Tak province
Activities: Rafting near airstrip and TeeLorSu waterfall 6 minute flight from airstrip. 
Contact Information: Umphang Station Manager who looks after the airport - Lung Chek (Paisan Gratso) Tel: 0878435347 (updated dec2006 - he lives next to the airstrip. You can call him to clear it for you and give him a tip) // Border Police Captain Daeng (Sombat Panarong) in Umpang Tel: 055+561063 / 561125 / 081 8866599 / Fax: 055+561065 or Umpang Chief of Border Police Colonel Somwant Khamthong. Tel: 055+561008 or 055+561112. In Bangkok, you can call Captain Daeng's son: Kaek. Tel: 081 7428471. Only skilled pilots who have been well briefed about this airstrip should attempt to fly in here. Email Umphang Hill Resort (Captain Daeng). Contact SGA Commercial Bush Airline BKK Tel: 02 5043302-5. Email SGA
Hotels: Umphang Buri Resort Owner is Kai. tel: 0898717116 (big Thai house on the river and several nice concrete bungaloes next to river (across the street from Umphang Hill Resort) other tel: 055561576 // Tee Lor Su Riverside Tel: 0818620533 / 0812789292 / 055561010.  (very nice resort a little to the north of the airstrip run by Sri Racha company) // Ruankeaw Garden Resort cliff bungaloes on the edge of the river (rafting, rustic) Owner is Somsong. His children: Nung 0870641919 & June 0857265623. //
Other links: Captain Daeng Umpang Hill Resort and SGA used to operate commercial flights to Umphang with their Cessna Grand Caravan -- // Other accomodation: TeeLorSu Camp at Waterfall // TheeLorSu Riverside (600-1000 Baht) //
Map of Airstrip: Runway 02 and Runway 20 (below) and SGA approach chart 

Umphang Runway 02 - for Landing only !!!
Runway 02 (pictured above)
Land on this runway upslope towards mountain.
Umphang Runway 20 - for TAKEOFF (away from the mountain)
Runway 20 (pictured above)
Takeoff on this runway away from
Aircraft on the end of Umphang Airstrip

You can park on the West end of the runway near the drop off. There is a mountain on the East end of the Umphang runway, so you should land uphill on Runway 02 towards the mountain - there is no go around on landing because of the mountain at the end of the runway. You must Take off from Runway 20 to the West. Call Police Captain Daeng at the Umphang Hill Resort in town before landing.

Airport manager: Paisan 0878435347 (give him a tip for taking care your plane)
Pilot information: Tom Claytor
Airline information:
Other information: Captain Daeng: 081 8866599.

Teelorsu Waterfall in October -- position N15*55.6' x E098*45.2'

TeeLorSu Waterfall
GPS Location
N15*55.6' x E098*45.2'

Umphang is the closest airstrip to TeeLorSu Waterfall (Pictured left) which is approximately 9NM on HDG 220* to the West of Umphang Airstrip. The best time of year to see the falls is from August to October when there is the most water (October is the highest flow period). The best time of day to fly over the waterfall is before Noon while the sunlight is still on the falls (the falls face to the East). Drive time from Umphant to the falls is approximately 1 hour 30 minutes, followed by a 20 minute walk to the base of the falls. Cost of taxi pickup to the falls is appx 1,200 Baht. Many available in town.
See Teelorsu in the Wilga.

Police Captain Daeng

Umphang Hill Resort

A typical trip from Umphang to Teelorsu begins with a 3 hour raft trip down the beautiful mountain river. From there, you are collected by truck and driven 16 km to the Teelorsu Campground (1 hour). It is then a 30 minute hike from the campground to the base of the waterfall. You can camp the night by the falls and the next day begin a 3 hour hike to a Karen village. Overnight camping in the traditional Karen village (this is not a tourist village), and the following day, you will travel by elephant back to Umphang. This entire three day trip and two night camping with all food and facilities is 5,000 Baht per person. Other custom trips only to the falls can also be arranged.