Location: N15*55.6' x E098*45.2'

Approximately 2.5 hour flight in the Wilga from Bang Phra to the Northwest is the spectacular multi-level Teelorsu Waterfall. Ten minutes to the East of the waterfall is the Umpang STOL airstrip and the lovely Umphang Hill Resort owned by Police Captain Daeng. The resort is quite close to the airstrip and you can organize an afternoon raft trip down the river to view the beautiful gorge and waterfalls over head. You can also camp on the airstrip beneath the wing of the Wilga if you wish. This is a great place to see pristine Thai wilderness and use the aircraft for camping and sightseeing. You can organize a car with Captain Daeng to drive 5 hours into the jungle and then hike to the base camp of Teelorsu Waterfall. You can also fly over the Waterfall in the Wilga (appx 10 min from Umpang Airstrip). The best time of year to see the falls is from August to October when there is the most water (October is the highest flow period).

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