Bangphra Airport
Sriracha 20111

Tel / Fax: +6638-777348
Mobile: +6681-9962957
Mobile: 0819962957


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30 minute "INTRODUCTION FLIGHT" - 3,000 Baht weekends.
COST (wet)
with instructor on weekend
for instructor during week
    STATUS - Feb 2017
HS-ATE C172 7000 Baht / hr 7700 Baht / hr

+800 Baht

HS-PIA C150 5500 Baht / hr 6200 Baht / hr

+800 Baht

HS-ATD C150 5500 Baht / hr 6200 Baht / hr

+800 Baht

    WAITING TAAC 5 Year Permit & Radio License
HS-ATJ PA140 n/a unknown

+800 Baht

    WAITING TAAC 5 Year Permit & Radio License
HS-CAT C150 6200 Baht / hr 6900 Baht / hr

+800 Baht

    WAITING TAAC 5 Year Permit
HS-ATC C150 5500 Baht / hr 6200 Baht / hr

+800 Baht

AVGAS 100LL Liter 70 Baht


    Approximately US$2 per liter
AOPA & TFC News Archive


18 FEB 2017 -- TFC PARTY AND VISIT TO THE WHITE HOUSE -- Khun Tui organized a TFC Hangar party up at Fernando's Han gar with delicious fare and plenty of wine. Many current club members were in attendance. Khun Tom recounted his Friday afternoon forced landing in a field near Bang Saen. The TFC team and the A Team were incredible in their service and assistance with the accident. Then Khun Fernando recounted his previous engine failure and tree landing in a Quicksilver at CMT airport many years before. Khun Worawoot then explained that Khun Pee will be making a Thai Language Facebook page for the club and he will put the video in the webpage of the drone flying over the club aircraft on the runway at Bang Phra. Khun Pee says that he has 50,000 friends on his webpage, so his new Thai language TFC webpage would have many friends. Turbo san also gave a very hilarious recount of his accident in a Cessna 150 when he told the story of him standing on the brakes to stop the plane, and the instructor pushing in the throttle to go around. These two actions together did not solve the problem. Captain Rolf and Tony and Special visitor Khun Suchard and Am. Khun Charn and Noy were also in attendance. After the party, Khun Pee invited all the members to visit his new "White House of Erry" up on the hill overlooking Sriracha. It was a stunning view, and the house is almost finished, so perhaps, we were some of the first visitors. Pictured right is TFC visitor Anthony from France who came to fly with Kruu Sirapol and was over the moon. He thoroughly enjoyed is flight over the Gulf of Thailand and was so impressed that he could arrange a scenic flight that he could fly himself over Thailand. If you want to come to the FREE TFC TUI PARTY -- email the club, so they know you are coming -- 

21 JAN 2017 -- CLUB AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHY RULE -- If you wish to use our club aircraft to take photographs of a specific site on the ground, we please ask for you to obtain a written permission from the owner of that location before your flight to show to the club. If you want to go on a sight-seeing flight with your camera, then there is no need for a letter of permission. Thank you for understanding and helping us to keep General Aviation a positive and helpful activity in Thailand.

NOV 2016 --KENG KRAJAN FLY IN A SUCCESS -- Admiral Tanakrit organized a fantastic fly-in at the newly certified Kengkrajan Airport West of Hua Hin in Thailand. We have visited this airport before, but it is only now that the airport has received certification. Admiral Tanakrit took a balloon flight from the newly certified airport and several aircraft flew in (Suchard, Mike, George, Others). There is a beautiful golf course about 8km from the airstrip, and the same owner will come and pick you up -- Keng Krajan Airport

09 JAN 2017 -- EAA UPDATE -- The first replica DH-2 ever to be built in Thailand is nearing completion in Bangkok. Longtime EAA member, Khun Damri, has been working on this project for several years, and now it just needs an engine and some brakes. It will most likely make its debut flight in Bang Phra.

18 FEB 2017 -- POSTPONED AGAIN __ PRECISION FLYING EVENT -- The 2016 P.F.E. Blogsite is up at and the event has been postponed due to the very sad passing of his Magesty the King. We're still making some final touches to the scoring-arithmetic but most of the information in there is correct. NEW DATES 18 FEB 2017. These new dates have been postponed again. Standby for More info -- Email Mike

21 JAN 2017 -- FLYING TRIP TO CAMBODIA CANCELLED -- We have just been informed that the 21 Jan Flying trip to Cambodia has been cancelled because of lack of sponsorship on the Cambodian end. The trip was originally scheduled for Sihanoukville, then rerouted to Battambang, and then it fizzled out. Thank you to everyone that had tried so hard to make this possible. Perhaps, next year -- PREVIOUS POST: Mike has informed us that members of the dynamic EAA THAI are organizing a Flying Trip from U-Taphao to Sihanoukville, Cambodia early next year. This is one of the most exciting events that we have seen in years. There has been practically zero General Aviation activity in Cambodia since the activities and training of the Cambodia Flying Club ceased about 10 years ago due to politics in Cambodia. General Aviation has become too expensive (up to us$2,000 just to fly in and out in fees alone). This trip could completely change that. All Air Fees and Landing Fees have been waived, so we can fly in and support the event in Sihanoukville. So far, 15 Aircraft have confirmed they will join the trip. Experimental aircraft are joining, and it is very likely that Ultralight Aircraft will join as well.
Here’s what we know right now: 1. The date will be on/around the 21st January 2017. 2. The venue looks like being Sihanouk, about 100 miles past Koh Chang, on the coast. Lat/Long of field: 10 34 30n, 103 38 04e. 3. We’re being invited by the National Motorsport Association of Cambodia. The purpose of our visit will be to add spice to their “Speed Festival”. 4. The trip will probably last about 4 days. 5. We have been assured that no charges will be made upon us for visas, parking, landing fees, air navigation charges, etc. 6. It’s likely we’ll need to pay our own food, hotels and fuel costs. 7. They should have fuel available. 8. We'll clear Customs/Immigration at U-Tapao.
What you need to do now: If you’re interested in joining this trip, please email me stating: a) Registration of aircraft. b) If you have a Certified or Experimental - I’m pretty sure Ultralights won’t be able to attend. c) Check your insurance is valid in Cambodia d) Check all your paperwork will be current in January. e) Give the name of the registered aircraft owner, as it’s written on the 5-year permit. f) Give the name of the Pilots and Passengers for the trip. For more information --

15 OCT 2016 -- HISTORIC C47 FLIGHT MADE IT "OVER THE HUMP" TO KUNMING, CHINA -- The C47 had an engine failure 1hr 30min out of Bali. The left engine started to smoke, then vibration, then fire. The crew diverted to Surabaya, Indonesia and made a successful emergency landing. Thank you to the support of many TFC members, Thai Aviators, and enthusiasts all over the world, a replacement engine was purchased and installed in 9 days by a crew of 6 mostly 70 year old crew in Surabaya. We departed Surabaya and received a warm welcome in Seletar by the historic Republic of Singapore Flying Club. We had to change a magneto there and Jet Aviation was a magnificent host. We arrived in U-Tahpao on the saddest day was the beloved Thai Monarch passed away on that day. The following day, we refueled in Chiangmai and proceeded to Mandalay, Myanmar. Myanmar Aviation was spectacular in coordinating clearances with Thailand and Myanmar. We had the warmest reception in Mandalay arranged by the American Embassy in the Jefferson Center and the greatest surprise of all was the 4 drums of fuel that were brought by the Burmese Air Force to top our tanks for the flight over the hump. Many people had pulled together to make this possible. On the morning of 15 October, we took off and climbed East towards China and a string of Himalayan mountains called "The Hump." 15 minutes out of Kunming, we lost the right engine. We declared "Pan Pan Pan" and explained that we had an "engine failure." The ATC was not sure what Pan Pan Pan was and asked if our engine was on fire. We requested priority landing, and they asked us if we had the ground in sight. The amazing thing is that then the Captains of several Chinese aircraft in the air, started to call the ATC and explain in Chinese what we were trying to say in English. We were given a clearance to land direct on Runway 22, and we had made it "Over the Hump." The aircraft was repositioned finally on 18 Nov to Guilin, and it will be on permanent display at the Flying Tiger Museum in Guilin, China. 600 allied aircraft were lost on this hazardous journey during WWII to supply the Flying Tigers inside of China, and after 2 engine failures and incredible obstacles, we can now confirm that this was no easy task today, let alone back then. TFC instructor Kruu Jira has over 6,000 hours on DC-3s in Thailand, and he was on standby with Turbosan to fly down to meet the C47 during its stop at U-Taphao to refuel. However, we arrived on the day of the very sad passing of His Majesty the King, and we were all very sad. Details of the journey can be followed on --

11 SEP 2016 -- SINGAPORE FLYING CLUB MANAGER LEE BUCK CHOON -- Sunday, Pizza Night, 6pm at EAA EASTERN FLYING CLUB -- We welcomed the Manager of the Republic of Singapore Flying Club who gave a very interesting history and current affairs of the club in Singapore. Lee also enjoyed the best pizza in Thailand. Thanks to Lee from Republic of Singapore Flying Club and EAA Thailand for hosting the evening on flying in Singapore --

19-20 NOV 2016 -- INTERNATIONAL AIRRACE1 ARRIVES AT AT U-TAPHAO -- Air Race coming to U-Taphao. This was a tremendous success. Special thanks to RASAT that organized a tent with a plethora of historic Thai aircraft. Lots of shops in the Expo and terrific R/C Helicopter flying demonstrations. This was the first airrace in Thailand, and we hope there will be more, perhaps better organization allowing Thai GA aircraft to fly in, and also better scheduling, so we do not have to wait 3 hours in the heat before the next 8 minute race. Thank you to TAT and sponsor Chang for one of the most exciting air events we have ever seen in the Kingdom with aircraft racing neck and neck at breakneck pace in live competition with speeds up to 450 knots -- -- View the action here --

JUN 2016 -- YASOTHORN'S "LEONG NOK THA AIRPORT MAYBE OPEN AGAIN -- Khun Gik has shared great news with us. He is opening a flying school in the retired old airstrip and is currently fixing up all sorts of airplanes to take to his flying school. His Flying Club will be called "FRIENDS FLYING CLUB & TRAINING" and he has 2x C172, 2x Jabiru, 1x Sonex, 1x Quicksilver, and a twin coming from CATC. He is using the A Team for his maintenance and he will be offering UPL and PPL (60 hour) flying courses. For more information -- LEONG NOK THA AIRPORT -- Please confirm this airport is actually open before flying in.

31 JUL 2016 -- NEW C150 WILL JOIN TFC FLEET -- The very good news is that TFC has accepted Turbo san's beautiful C150 onto the club fleet. This aircraft will be for cross-country use and for FAA IPC and BFR checks. FAA pilots all over Asia will be able to come and fly our FAA CFI members to keep current with their BFR and Instrument Currency according to FAA FAR "14 CFR § 61.57(d)—Instrument Proficiency Check." This also means that we can get our Thai instructor training for his CFI in the USA to come and reopen the TFC Groundschool and Flying School which have been closed for the past 2 years. Turbo san bought this C150 in beautifully restored condition from Jeff Nash in Udon. It has a working VOR and Garmin GPS for use as an ADF. There is a beautiful intercom and radios are 100%. This plane will not be for training touch and go's, but is perfect for cross-country. It will be 700 Baht more expensive that the other C150 and all pilots must be prior approved by the club and Turbo san. We expect the plane to be ready to fly in 3 months. The idea was proposed on 10 Jun and accepted on 31 Jul by Captain Worawoot. Now we will have the confirmation meeting with W, T, and T.

06 MAR 2016 -- KHO JAN AIRPORT OPEN AGAIN -- EAA Thailand organized a fly-in to visit Khun Yutana at his newly refurbished Kho Jan Airstrip. Now the airstrip is authorized for HS Aircraft to land. 4 Aircraft flew in on Saturday to honor Khun Yutana and were welcomed with a delicious lunch.

03 FEB 2016 -- BANG PHRA AIRPORT OPEN AGAIN -- Thai Flying Club is open again. Finally. Bang Phra has been closed for almost a month while the club was sorting out the airport permit with the CAAT (which used to be the DCA). So now everyone can come and fly again. Khun Toon says that now TFC will apply for a 2 year operating permit like Khun Alex has done for Pattaya Airpark.

SEP 2015 -- TFC "MINI MAPS" NOW AVAILABE -- It is very difficult to find aviation maps in Thailand, so now at TFC  and EAA HQ we have for sale the TFC MINI MAPS. These are A4 size or double A4 size laminated maps to scale with all the current radio frequencies, airports, controlled airspace and other information for you to easily navigate around the area. If you are interested in a TFC Mini Map, you can find at the AERO SHOP in Bangkok or in the TFC club office or at Eastern EAA HQ airport.

MOBILE AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE -- THE "A TEAM" -- For those of you in Thailand with aircraft that need maintenance, and perhaps you do not have on the field, Khun Tui and his sons have formed the "A TEAM." Specializing in Piston Aircraft, the "A Team" can help you. For years, the A Team has kept the Damri Squadron on top form and worked on many types of aircraft in the Kingdom. They can do all the documentation and maintenance work at a very reasonable price -- MEET THE A TEAM

28 DEC 2016 -- TFC FLYING SCHOOL STATUS -- Exactly two years and six months ago today, The TFC Office Staff decided not to buy a used C150 (HS-LAX) to keep the flying school open. They decided to repair the 3 club aircraft, and mechanic Num was very confident about the TFC Fleet. He said that on NOV 2014 (after 5 months) the 3 aircraft would be back in the air. We are sure that the TFC staff have been working hard, but it has now been over two and a half years, so how much longer will this process take. The TFC Groundschool and flying school has been closed for over two and a half years. The DCA (now called CAAT) has inspected the aircraft and wrote out a squawk list of snags that need to be addressed before the aircraft can fly. In June 2014, the club had decided not to buy the C150 (HS-LAX) that would have been on the TFC fleet status in 3 months and available for flight training. As soon as we hear some progress on the flight training, we will let you know.

EAA THAI05 FEB 2105 -- EAA THAILAND RECEIVES OFFICIAL EAA CHAPTER #1566 -- It is now official. EAA USA has recognized and awarded EAA THAILAND as Chapter #1566 to represent EAA "Spirit of Aviation" in Thailand. The Headquarters for EAA THAILAND is at Eastern Airport, so come visit and enjoy the best breakfast or pizza at any airport in Thailand on every SUNDAY. Thank you to all EAA Members in Thailand that supported and sponsored the founding of EAA Chapter #1566 --

SEP 2014 -- HI-TECH WEATHER REPORTING FOR SMALL AIRPORTS IN THAILAND -- Enthusiastic aviator Ed has informed us that now NOK airfield and PHUKET AIRPARK have live WEATHERLINK updates online and ready to view immediately. We also hear that Jim is obtaining the same system to install at EASTERN airfield. This is amazing technology and a great safety feature for General Aviation in Thailand. You can click the link and see current WIND, RAIN, TEMP information as well as other helpful information for flying, and it is updated every 30 seconds 24 hours a day. Have a look and get as many other airfields to set this system up too.


09 JUL 2014 -- FREQUENCY UPDATES 2014 -- TFC Legend Worawoot was recently at U-Taphao and flew in to update us on the recent developments in the air.
1. ONKARAK reporting point is not cancelled, because BAC has moved to Klong 15 and there is a lot of traffic there now.
2. There is a new reporting point -- BANG LUK SUA
3. Click on the left is a map to see updated REPORTING POINTS.
4. If flying from VTBT to VTBD -- Route via Bang Pakong -- Bang Nam Pieow -- Lang Luk Ga -- Dct.
5. BAC training is East of Klong 15. NEW KLONG 15 TOWER FREQ -- 131.0 -- 125.8 (helicopters below 500')
6. VTBT traffic, if any aircraft above 2,000', please contact U-Taphao 119.7
7. Skydiving squawk 2000 only. Please use other transponder codes.
8. Skydiving window up to FL 130 -- 11-12 local // 13-14 local // 15-16 local.

ACF-50 NOW AT TFC -- The best way in the world to protect your plane from corrosion in Thailand is to spray exposed metal with ACF-50. We now have ACF-50 available in the club in spray bottles for 1,500 Baht per bottle (ask Tui in the office or email Do not ignore corrosion -- it will kill your airplane -- more info on ACF-50.

WANTED -- FAA IA MECHANIC -- We need an FAA certified IA mechanic to do an annual inspection on a Wilga 80 aircraft with Continental Engine. If you are visiting Thailand and you want more information, let us know. There is also a tremendous demand for any person or company that can repair aircraft avionics in Thailand. There is not any company that can do this. If you know of anyone, please let us know -- Email TFC


Bush Pilot groundhandlingSAWADEE KAP
Welcome to THAI FLYING CLUB. We are the first and the oldest flying club in the Kingdom of Thailand, and we are committed to the development and promotion of General Aviation. Bang Phra Airport is the most challenging and exciting airport to land in all of Thailand, because we are right next to a mountain. Pilots who learn to land here can land anywhere. We are also the representative to IAOPA in Thailand and Southeast Asia. If you are interested in learning to fly, or if you would like to learn more about sport flying during your visit to Thailand, then please contact us. 
Email Thai Flying Club
Click to view MODERN MAP of ThailandHOW TO FIND US
The Thai Flying Club is located at Bang Phra Airfield (VTBT) about 3 Kilometers East of the small village of Bang Phra. We are about a 90 minute drive Southeast of Bangkok or a 45 minute drive North of Pattaya. If you are coming from Bangkok, you can take a taxi to Sriracha (about 8 km North of Sriracha) to the Bang Phra Golf Club. We are right near the Golf Club and they can direct you. You can also come by Bus: Go to Ekkamai Skytrain Station. Walk to Ekkamai Bus Station. There are buses leaving from Ekkamai Bus Station (in Bangkok) every 30 minutes. Take the bus to SRIRACHA. Ask to get off in BANG PHRA (about 8km North of Sriracha). Near the 7-Eleven shop, you will find many Motorcycle Taxis or Tuk-Tuk Taxis. Ask them to take you to "Snambin Bang Phra" (Bang Phra Airport). The airport is located on University Campus "Kasetsart Bang Phra" near Bang Phra Golf Club. You enter the University and turn right at the clock tower. Stay left, and you will come to the runway. You will see the clubhouse across the runway. Use the Googlemap because finding Thai Flying Club is not easy. Enjoy the adventure.
The Thai Flying Club is open five days a week. Wednesday thru Sunday: 09:00-17:00 hrs. These hours are "local time" (Thailand local time is GMT + 7hours). A detailed road map shows directions how to find the club if you are traveling by road from Bangkok or Pattaya. Bang Phra is about 8 Kilometers North of Sri Racha on Sukhumvit Road. Please note that you can use Sukhumvit Road or the Motorway to reach the club. There are several Golf Courses near the club. The club can be opened Monday, Tuesday and on Holidays for landing and departing aircraft (cost 500 Baht fee for Num - Call
Photo by Khun Oh - Dec 2008CONVERSION RATE
The US$ to Thai Baht conversion rate is approximately US$ 1 = somewhere around 30 Thai Baht.
Check current exchange rate for Thai Baht. We accept credit card or cash payments or wire transfer. The club currently has approximately 700 members and 20 aircraft.
Identifier: VTBT
Location: 13*14'N x 100*57.5'E
Elevation: 90 Feet
Runway heading: 05/23
Runway length: 900 Meters
Runway surface: Asphalt
Tower Frequency: 122.3 Mhz
Telephone: 038-777348 and 081-9962957
Pattern Altitude: 800' MSL with left hand circuit. This picture is taken after departing from Runway 23. (caution: high-tension electric wires run parallel to the railway tracks; use VASI when landing Runway 05).
The Bushpilot Clubhouse in Bang PhraClick to enlargeAIRPORT DIAGRAM
The Bang Phra airfield has a mountain on one end of the runway and high-tension wires on the other (click diagram to enlarge). The airfield is very safe once you have been checked out by one of our instructors. Bang Phra is in a beautiful location - surrounded by white beaches along the coast of the Gulf of Thailand, several international standard golf courses, a fresh water reservoir with a bird sanctuary, and several National Parks for viewing wildlife in Thailand. There are several hotels near the flying club.

Captain Taned in the Takatan.MEMBERSHIP
Life Member: 50,000 Baht initial + 2,000 Baht per year. Annual Member: 10,000 Baht per year. You have full voting rights after one year as an Annual Member. Annual Members can become Life Members on their sixth year of membership if they 1. have been an Annual Member for 5 consecutive years, 2. own a share in an aircraft, 3. are in good-standing, 4. pay the annual fee and the life per annum fee on the sixth year (thereafter Life Member fees are only 2,000 Baht per year). Please contact the Flying Club office if you have any questions.

Form to join the Thai Flying Club.
Wiring money to Thai Flying Club
Bang Phra Airport is visible on the Google Map and you can find a route to get you to the airport from the Motorway or from Sukhumvit.
Bang Phra Airfield Information
Check out Runway 05 "VASI"
Local Map of Bang Phra
Google Map of Bang Phra

Taxi from Suvarnabhumi or Bangkok to the Flying Club

Local hotels near Thai Flying Club.
Hire a motorcycle in Bang Phra.

Order ONC VFR Navigation Maps
Print Thailand Radio Frequencies
Print new AIR GUIDE (revised Aug2008)

Aviation Medical Examiner (FAA Medical in Asia)
FAA flight instructors in Thailand

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Khun Charn about to fly a Tiger Moth in SydneyLOCAL FLYING
There are many local airstrips in the Chonburi area. This area is under U-Tapao Approach control, so General Aviation has been allowed to actively grow. The procedure is to fly with your transponder on and maintain radio contact with U-Tapao Approach on VHF frequency 119.7.

- Print a MAP of Local Airstrips (A4-size Map to use while flying locally).
- View a LARGE detailed MAP of Local Airstrips (to study the area).
- View updated
Bangkok VFR Reporting Points (updated Sep 2014)
- Caution
Flying Hazard near Jomtien Beach (Cable Car and Tower 900')
The Following are "Reporting Points" around Bangkok used by Bangkok ATC for VFR aircraft. The points are in relation to BKK DVOR (117.7 frequency).
HIN KONG - below 3500' -- Radial 028* / 34.8 DME
BANGNUM PREAW - below 1000' -- Radial 097* / 26.4 DME
BANG PAKONG - below 1500' -- Radial 137* / 34.3 DME
KOH SICHANG - below 4500' -- Radial 167* / 45 DME
SAMUT SAKORN (SIERRA POINT) - below 4500' -- Radial 221* / 27.5 DME
LAMBUA LUANG -- Radial 314* / 23.5 DME
- below 2,500' -- Radial 356* / 28.3 DME

Photo by Khun Oh - Dec 2008OUR AIRCRAFT FLEET
The Thai Flying Club has several aircraft for hire. The approximate hourly dry charge (not including instructor) is listed after each aircraft at the top of the webpage. These aircraft are owned by the club or by club members. The availability of these aircraft depends on their maintenance schedules and the owner's requirements. To determine the current flying status and availability of these aircraft, please contact the club. There is AVGAS available at the club for approximately 67 Baht per liter.

Email the club to reserve an aircraft
The Bushpilot Clubhouse
TFC Articles of Association


The Thai Flying Club offers PPL (private pilot) flying courses with a FREE GROUNDSCHOOL. To date, the club has trained and certified many Thai and Foreign students. The club can also help you apply to validate your foreign pilots license for flying in Thailand. The flying course is 60 flight hours and the total cost of learning to fly is about 400,000 Baht. To obtain your Thai PPL, you must 1. CKrittika Toumtongomplete an aviation medical examination (one day in Bangkok Hospital), 2. Join the club (10,000 Baht), 3. Submit an application for SPL (200 Baht), 4. Study in the TFC FREE Groundschool (to receive a letter from TFC), 5. Log 60 hours of flight time, and then you can sit the DCA written exams (given once every 3 months) and take a DCA checkride. The ground school in Bang Phra is FREE for everyone, and you can join anytime you want. The DCA has to do a background check on SPL applicants, so it can take 2-3 months to receive your SPL. Start the process early and begin your groundschool studies, so that your SPL will be ready when you are ready to fly. CONGRATULATIONS to Thailand for this great improvement (it used to take 7 months for foreigners to obtain a SPL). Students can only begin to log hours in their logbook after they have received their SPL. If you think you want to learn to fly, then begin this process immediately, so that you can start flying as soon as your SPL is ready. The club charges an hourly rental rate for the airplane (rates vary with type of plane) and the club charges an hourly fee for instructors (see plane and instructor rates). A prospective student may solo with consent of the instructor (usually after 12-20 hours, depending on frequency of flying) after he has his SPL.
30 minute "INTRODUCTION FLIGHT" - 3,000 Baht weekends. Learn more about Ground School in Bang Phra
Nick & Gaye with the WilgaDOCUMENTS
The Private Pilot (PPL) course. You should bring the following documents to the Flying Club:
- Copy of Passport or ID card (write "certified true copy" and sign it yourself)
- Work Permit or permanent address
- (4) 1"x1" photos
- Membership Application Form 
- Student Pilot License Application Form
Validating your foreign pilots license to fly in Thailand. You will need to do the following:
- Join the Thai Flying Club (10,000 Baht Annual Membership fee)
Validate foreign pilot's license Form
- Documents - Passport, Pilot logbook, Medical, Photos ("certified true copy" & signed).
- The Club will write a letter to the DCA for validation.
- Pay 2,000 Baht fee The procedure takes about 2 months for a background check.
- Procedure for validating your foreign pilot's license
- OFFICIAL PAGE of DCA documents


There are many airstrips to explore all over Thailand. Below is a list of links to different airstrips. Many of these airfields are within 1.5 hour flight time from Bang Phra and are good fields for cross-country flights. Some of them are STOL (short take off & landing) strips which require special aircraft and techniques.
Ayutthaya (North of Bangkok) closed
Bang Chong (North of Hua Hin)
Bang Phra (IAOPA)  

Bangkok (Don Muang)
Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi)
Bangkok Police STOL  
Ban Dung airport (Udon province) new
Ban Mae La Na - 19*35.5'x98*13.5' closed
Ban Mai  
Ban Mi (Saraburi)

Ban Thi (Chiang Mai)
Ban Tin Tok closed
Best Ocean Airpark (Bangkok)

Bonanza (Khao Yai) closed
Buddha Mountain (Pattaya) closed
Buriram (East)

Buriram Deepai  
Buriram Club new
Buriram Thunder City new
Chaiyaphum (East)

Chanthaburi "Thamai" Thai Navy
Chao Mai (near Trang) new
Chateaux de Loei
Chiang Kham (North)
Chiang Khong (far North) 
Chiang Klang (North)

Chiang Mai International (North)
Chiang Rai (Northwest)
Chiang Rai Military
Chiang Sen (North) closed
Chumporn (West)
Dan Mu Sae Wa - 20*05'x99*29' closed

Dokkrai (East of Pattaya)
Eastern (Pattaya)
Hat Yai (South)
Hinzon (Prachinburi)
Hua Hin (Southwest of Bangkok)
Kabinburi (near Prachinburi) new
Kamphaeng Saen Military (West)

Kanchanaburi Military (West)  
Khanong Phra (Pak Chong)
Kho Jan (Chonburi) new
Khon Kaen (Northeast)
Khun Yuam (East)

Khorat Military (Airforce)
Khorat Military (Army)
Khorat Civilian
Kaeng Krajang (Hua Hin)
Klang (Rayong)
Klang Dong (Khao Yai) temporarily closed

Klong 4 (Bangkok)
Klong 15 (Nakhon Nayok)
Klong 16 (Ongkarak)
Koh Chang

Koh Kud (Mae Si)
Koh Samui (private)
Koktoom (Lopburi) new

Krabi (Southern Thailand)
Lakeside (Pattaya)
Lampang (North)
Lampoon (Chiang Mai)
Loei (North)
Loeng Nok Tha (Mukdahan) new

Lom Sak (near Petchaboon)
Lopburi (Koke Krathiem Air Force)

Lopburi (Sa Pran Nak)
Lopburi (Pawal)

Mae Hong Song (Northwest)
Mae Sariang  (North)
Mae Si (Koh Kud)
Mae Sot (Northwest)
Muktahan (East)   closed
Nakhon Nayok (Klong 15 Bangkok)

Nakhon Phanom (Northeast)
Nakhon Ratchasima (Khorat Civil)
Nakorn Sawan (Central)
Nakhon Si Thammarat (South)
Nam Phong (North)
Nam Phung Dam (North)

Nan (North)
Nang Rong (near Buriram)
Narathiwat (South)
Nok (Chiang Mai)
Nong Kai (North)
Nong Kor (Nong Khor)
Ongkarak - Klong 16 (Bangkok)

Pai (Northwest)
Pantong Airpark (Chonburi) closed
Pattani (South)
Pattaya Airpark
Petchaboon (Central)
Phitsanoluk (Central)
Phrae (North)
Phu Kiew (20km from Chumpae)
Phuket (Southern Thailand)
Phuket Airpark
Phumipol Dam (North of Tak)
Potaram (Ratchburi) ?
Prachinburi Army (East of Bangkok)
Prachom Klao (Prachinburi) new

Prachuap Khiri Khan Military (Hua Hin)
Pranburi Airpark (South of Hua Hin)
Rancho Charnvee (Pak Chong)

Ranong (Southwest)
Ratchaburi-2 (West of Bangkok) ?

River Kwai (West)
Rob Muang (near Roi Et)
Roi Et (East Thailand)

Sakon Nakhon (Northeast)
Sakon Nakhon Old closed
Sakhon Nakhon (Sawang-Dandin)

Sangklaburi (very near Burma)  
Saraburi (West of Klang Dong)
Saraburi Aeropark (Tango) closed
Satun (South)
Songkhla (South)

Sri Racha (North of Pattaya)
Sukhothai (private)
Surat Thani (Southern Thailand)

Surin (East Thailand)
Tak (Northwest Thailand)
Takhli Military
Tantawan (Saraburi)
Tharyung (petburi) closed
Thoeng (North)
Thongkwao (North) new
Thung Song (South)
Tiger Lakeside (Pattaya)

Trang (South)
Trat Bangkok Airways
Trat Military (near Cambodia)

Trat Forestry Police Airstrip new
Udon Mastertech
Ubon Ratchatani (East)
Udon Thani (North)
U-Taphao (Rayong)
U-Tong (Suphanburi)
Umphang (TeeLorSu Waterfall)
Uttaradit (North)
Wattana Nakhorn (East)
Wha-En Airport (Prachinburi)
Yala (South)
List of 26 DOA airports in Thailand

Other Airstrips Source
Hebels Airstrip Info & Maps
Ban Bung (East of Bang Phra)
Ban Liam airfield (5 km west of Udon)
Bang Sumphan (Petchaboon)
Chiang Mai Sky Adventure
Chonburi Flying Club (Bang Phra) closed

Chumpae new
Doi Saket - Tango (Chiang Mai)
Grand Garden (Kanchanaburi) closed
Kamol Farm (Khao Yai) closed

Minburi closed
MJ (near Lamphun, Chiangmai)
Nakhon Luang (Suphanburi)
Nonthaburi (West of Bangkok)

Sakorn Nakorn Flying Club (near Laos)
Sky Adventure Club (Chiang Mai)
Ta Yang (North of Hua Hin) closed

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Always Check with DCA and refer to Thai AIP to confirm Airport Status and Details.

The Wilga at River Kwai airstrip in Kanchanaburi (click if you want to Fly the Wilga)



You can base your aircraft at Thai Flying Club for 5,000 Baht per month. The club now also has an Experimental Aircraft Wing (for ultralights and light
experimental aircraft). These planes can be kept at the club for 3,000 Baht per month. If you have any questions, please call or Email the Club.
The Thai Flying Club has qualified aviation mechanics on hand at the club. All of the maintenance activities at the club are supervised and adhere to the strict aviation safety standards of the Thai Department of Civil Aviation. Maintenance fees are approximately 600 Baht / hr.


The weather in Thailand is warm, tropical and very pleasant for flying. If you would like to see the current satellite image of the cloud cover in Thailand, please click the following. There are many links, because sometimes some don't work: Satellite Images of Asia  Satellite Photo  WEATHER.COM  ICAO METAR (4-letter Airport ID)  Metar in SE Asia  Singapore Satellite Wx (240nm radius) Thailand RAIN RADAR (excellent update of rain activity)  Current weather in Thailand (or anywhere)  Short rainy season: Mid-March to Early April. It is hot and humid in April. Heavy Thunderstorms in May. Long rainy season: August through October. Rain stops in October and the wind direction changes direction to favor Runway 05 (17oct2004) (17nov2005) with warm dry wind. December is dry with a lot of smoke from fires. Cool winter nights cause fog in the valleys of Northern Thailand.


Click for Chonburi, Thailand Forecast



Le Baron Rouge et sa famile en train de volFLYING CLUBS
The Thai Flying Club has good relations with many flying clubs throughout the region and has conducted several joint flying excursions with some of these clubs.

Thai Aviation History
Tango Squadron
Civil Aviation Training Center (Hua Hin)
Bangkok Aviation Center (Bangkok)

Nakhon Phanom Training Center
604 Flying Squadron (Bangkok)
Grasshopper Flying Club (Nakhon Nayok)
Nok Flying Club
Phuket Flying Club
Pattaya Flying Club
Cambodia Flying Club
Hong Kong Aviation Club
Malaysia DOA  Johor Flying Club  Royal Selangor Flying Club
Singapore Flying Club
Philippines Flying  Omni Aviation (Clark)
Buleleng North Bali Club (link broken)
Dubai Flying Club (link broken)
(Flying CLub List updated Jan 2011)


Print Thailand Radio Frequencies
ONC Aviation map chart
Order ONC VFR Navigation Maps
Chonburi Local Airstrips (A4 size)
Chonburi Local Airstrips (large size)
Phang Nga Bay (near Phuket)

Koh Phuket aviation map (Thailand)
Golf Course Locator map (Bang Phra)
Bang Phra road map (to find the club)
Bangkok street map (Thailand)
Koh Sichang road map (Thailand)
Koh Samet road map (Thailand)
Google Map (Bang Phra)

Phnom Penh street map (Cambodia)
Siem Reap street map (Cambodia)
Sihanoukville street map (Cambodia)
Hanoi street map (Vietnam)
Laos map // Large Mac Laos Map
Ayutthaya Temples map


How General Aviation can Help Thailand
Thailand Air Navigation Regulations
Thai Ultralight Regulations (in English)
Flight Clearance Application (Foreign Aircraft)
TFC "invitation letter" for foreign aircraft
Foreign Aircraft Experiences flying in Thailand
IAOPA welcome letter to Thai Flying Club
IAOPA advice on development of General Aviation
IAOPA " Crew Card" available at Thai Flying Club

Restricted Flying Areas - Please Do Not Enter!
DCA Aerial Photography Policy

DCA documents to Import aircraft into Thailand
DCA General Aviation Statistics 2002
Email DCA Licensing (Saengchai)
Email DCA Airworthiness Inspector (Sumpun)
Email DCA Flight Ops Inspector (Ithipol)
Email DCA Control Division (Flight Clearances)


List of Thai Flying Club "Flying Friends" for flying information in other countries
SINGAPORE Flying Adventure into Luang Prabang, LAOS (17-21 Feb 2003)
General Aviation in Laos  in Cambodia  in Vietnam  in Burma  in Nepal
Flight Clearance Application for Foreign Aircraft to fly to Thailand
Flight Clearance for Thai Aircraft to leave Thailand (PIC name must be on 5 year permit)
TFC "invitation letter" for foreign aircraft to land in Bang Phra
Print "General Declaration" Form   IAOPA " Crew Card" available at Thai Flying Club
International Flight Information Manual (USA aircraft)
Procedure to fly to Burma  Procedure to fly to Singapore  Procedure to fly to Cambodia  Procedure to fly to Vietnam
Procedure to fly to Malaysia  Malaysia Airports  Procedure to fly to Laos  Laos Contact  Procedure to fly to China


Aircraft Radio & Avionics Repair Station in Thailand
Aircraft Parts from USA (Summit Aviation)
Rotax Parts from USA (Steven Styles)
Halon Fire Extinguisher in Thailand (order/refill)
Sunshields (protect aircraft from sun)
Snap-on Tools in Thailand

ACF-50 (stop aircraft corrosion)
Shipping Aircraft Parts to Thailand (Customs Procedure)
AVGAS locations in Thailand
AEROSHELL Oil in Thailand

Landing & Parking Fees in Thailand
Aircraft Ferry Pilot (export documentation)
Socata parts in Thailand


McMurdo Fastfind Plus 406 GPS --- rescue
SPOT satellite GPS --- rescue
Helicopter Training School (New Zealand)
Learn to fly Helicopters in Malaysia
Building your own Airstrip in Thailand
Siam Aviation Association
Paragliding in Pattaya
Building a small aircraft hangar in Thailand
Fly to Teelorsu Waterfall in Umphang
Air Ambulance for Southeast Asia
Charter Super Kingair in Thailand
Horse Riding - Horseshoe Point (Pattaya)
Horse Polo in Thailand
Nut Powder Black Dog Polo
King's Cup Elephant Polo in Thailand
European JAA PPL License in USA (one month)
FAA Private Pilot License in USA (one month)
Latest FAA Airworthiness Directives
International Flight Information Manual
Thai Aviation History Webpage
Many Aviation Links Webpage
The Footer Cup
Haircut in Bang Phra (50 Baht)
Hire an elephant in Bang Phra
IAOPA NEWS - Malaysia IAOPA active again

"OSHTAK" - TFC Winter Tour 2003
Cambodia Flying Adventure - January 2004
OSHDOK 2005 pictures
Learn To Fly - an Introduction
Learn about Thai Fruit
Airplane Restaurant in Bangkok
Aircraft Radio & Avionics Repair (SriRacha)
Indonesia Fly-in 20-23 June 2004
Indonesia Flying Information
Malaysian Eagle-150B visits Thai Flying Club
Moblie Campers and RVs in Thailand
Learn to fly the "WILGA" (tail-dragger)
Bhutan Lacrosse
Rent Mountain Bike in Bhutan
Thai Bush Pilots (nak bin looktung)
Kom Fai (Thai floating sky lanterns)
Thai Flying Club Bang Phra Local Current Weather
Aircraft for Sale Thailand Asia
King Power Top Everest
Garrett Mill Farm -- Rent Free Farm in Pennsylvania

Dynon All-in-One Instrument for Experimental Aircraft
Thaicessna - Cessna aircraft dealer
Thai General Aviation Statistics 2003
Determining "Abort Point" on Take-Off
Advanced Flight Procedures and Principles
Photo of Thailand's General Aviation Enthusiasts
Mosquito Hammock "underwing camping"
How To Become An Old Pilot
Round-The-World Flights
Aviation Ground School in Thailand
Military Jeeps in Thailand
Are you Left or Right-brain oriented?
Wings Over Asia (aviation webpage)
Miss Siam Flight to China
Checklist for PLZ-104 "Wilga"
Checklist for ZENAIR CH-701
Checklist for KITFOX
Checklist for O-1 "BirdDog"
Checklist for New Eagle
Be Here Now!
"Flight to Down Under"
TFC member starting flying club in Afghanistan

Hot Air Balloons
Pan & David Restaurant (Island of Ko Sichang)

Microleve Corsario - Amphibious Ultralight
Shipping and Ferrying Aircraft (from USA)
Thai Ultralight Regulations (in English)
Ultralight 3rd Party Liability Insurance available
Flying Humor!
Print "General Declaration" Form
Thai Flight Simulator Team
Order genuine ROTAX PARTS direct from USA
PANA Aircraft Insurance (Singapore)
AIRCRAFT INSURANCE (quote direct from a Lloyds Broker)
The Royal & Ancient Order of Bush Pilots
Cambodia Flying Club
Aviaclub Nepal
Flying The Hump C47 to China
White Polo Jeans  Polo Sticks Mallets

How to import an aircraft into Thailand
Willem Niemeijer, MD, Khiri Travel. Tel: 029686828
Yangon Apartment to rent in Myanmar
World Aero Clubs (Flying Clubs)
Paisano Polo Academy Singapore
International Tall Ships - Sisters of the Sea
Wild Winds China
EAA Thailand


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